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 I'm Janel Crystal Profit, "Jah Crystal", Primordial Femme Soul Creator of the Terras, Suns, and Moons. I'm a traditional herbalist, psychic energy healer, and source energy specialist helping you uncover your stolen power, memories, and your soul DNA.


My soul delight is to help you become your highest state of existence to heal and create the energy you need to attract your soul love and your soul desires using a system I created called, 5 Energies of S'Kin.

I'm able to help you single or married, regardless of your sex or gender. I'll help you transform your life into the spiritual god, or goddess you are reflecting your creator within you YHWH (YHWX).

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I give YOU what you need to:


Bring healing to your broken heart, your damaged soul links, your deep energetic and emotional pain through the cleansing and purification of your current and past soul lives and your current and past soul loves, marriages, relationships, and eternal source energies.


Overcome your daily mental struggle created from the duality of your programmed life that opposes your soul reality emanating from your source of existence YHWH so you can create changes necessary to create and attract your soul love and soul desires.


Liberate your spiritual resistance to your soul desires, your soul dreams, and your spiritual goals by removing blocks physically and spiritually so you can fulfill your soul purpose; and create the energy to attract your soul love while on your journey here within this realm.


Elevate and liberate your soul beyond the core of religion and spirituality into the depths of your source of existence and creation YHWH for your highest state of existence permeating your beauty, your wellness, and your life thus materializing your eternal universal glory.

Primordial Femme Soul Creator of the Terras, Suns, and Moons

  • Herbalist

  • Matchmaker

  • Source Healer

  • Skincare Therapists

  • Spiritual Soul Guide

Discovering who you are within this realm is the divinity of your soul purpose.

Discovering your dominant soul energy within you is your sacred gift.

Utilizing your gift to create and attract divinely to move in your power is your divine and sacred birthright.

I've taken my 30+ year spiritual training and created "5 Energies of Skin©"; a source energy system to give you quantum leaps of healing, transformation, and liberation for the elevation and liberation of your soul power.

Your seasons is now to rise above the weights of this realm and learn the energy vibrating and calling for elevation and liberation from your blessed and beautiful primordial soul existing from source.

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Jah Crystal

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