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Primordial Femme Soul Creator of the Terras, Suns, and Moons

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Meet Janel

(pronounced John-El)

I'm Janel "Jah" Crystal Profit, Primordial Femme Soul Creator of the Terras, Suns, and Moons.

I'm a traditional herbalist and source energy specialist with 30+ years experience and training through soul DNA with metaphysical and scientific studies.

I've studied spirituality and religion from the age of 3 under family and community growing up in southern Louisiana. I was ordained a minister at the age of 20 after 3 years of full-time study through I.D.M.R., then later anointed by Fatum, EliYahn, and Ifa through spiritual catalysts within and beyond this realm.

The system designed by me was to initially help my own cells procure within this realm on my journey. After noticing the pattern and realizing it could help other blessed and beautiful souls to be elevated and liberated also, it became called "5 Energies of SKin".

I'm here to help you discover and understand the source issues within your tissues; So You can heal your emotional pain, overcome mental struggle, and liberate your inner resistance to be in perfect alignment of your mind, body, and soul becoming your highest state of beauty, wellness, and life.

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Janel Soul Journal

Janel Soul Journal is primal to annoint you at the feet of your journey.