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Yeah you're attractive, but why can't you attract the DIVINE???

Divine Love Magic
urgency emergency

Join my 3 day immersion program to Detox Your Love Life, Stop Hook-ups, and GET LIT to EXPAND

your aura field to Transform, Transcend, and Transmute your divine soul source energy within and around you so you can ATTRACT... the DIVINE!

Gratitude! You'll be notified with more info.

Your Love Life Needs A 3 Day Exorcism Into The Divine

This is only for the serious--not curious who can’t stand another minute of being in a toxic love life! Right Now!!! You are ready to:

Love Should Come Easy... and I'll teach you how to make this your reality!

After your RSVP you'll have a 1:1 energy reading with detailed answers to your dominant source energy.

Day 1 you'll learn the good good on how to transmute and transform to transcend states and movements.

Day 2 you'll learn how to meet someone and divine your courtship in relationship cycles, kinds, and types.

Day 3 you'll learn Qi shifts to fully embody your changes and begin your divine soul attraction and courting.

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This is an intimate teaching session with 1:1 coaching and group sessions, 3 days straight for a true baptismal experience for resurrecting the divine within you.

When Love Won't Let You Wait...

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XX-RATED Can't Wait For It

XX-Rated Love Magic Urgency Emergency


Your Love Life is Super Toxic!!!!

You Need my Divine and Sexy Detox XX-Rated

Super Love Magic 3 Hour Crash Course

You'll transcend immediately and become:

  1. A Divine Sexy Soul of Light

  2. A Divine Gold Love (or PuXXy) Power

  3. A Divine Soul of Pleasure and Purpose

*Your 3 Hour crash course session is a divine soul love experience from the 3 Day Immersion Love Jones Urgency Emergency Session. Use savings code xxrated and give only $100 plus receive a free e-book and a bonus class, "Divine Sacred Sex Codes".

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Your Free E-Book

3 Ultimate Divine

Primordial Soul Love Magic Secrets

When you sign up you'll receive a free e-book called 3 Ultimate Divine Primordial Soul Love Magic Secrets to triple T and become the divine and elite primordial soul love so you can attract the divine.

The e-book gives you guide on how to: 

  • Evoke Your Divine Sexy Virtue

  • Elevate Your Divine Sexy Spirit

  • Become Your Divine Sexy Life


Plus a bonus class to triple A your love life with my "Divine Sacred Sex Codes" to keep your love life in an elevated state before, during, and after sexual intimacy.

My Divine Love Magic Urgency Emergency

Learn How I Transformed from Lost and Lonely Soul into A Divine Primordial Soul in Love