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You don't want to miss your bliss of elevation from these divine lessons on primordial soul love and life.

Current Events for P. S. Love Magic

No upcoming events at the moment

I've got more juicy video lessons on divine love for you by clicking here.

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Special Ends May 1st!

Hey Beautiful Soul!

I know why you are here! I can't let you miss this fantastic start to a new life in love this spring. I'm going to take your love life from lost and lonely to purpose and pleasure! Yes!!!

*When you join this divine program as one of the first 100 subscribers you will receive a  free lifetime membership!

The season is now to heal your relationship issues so you can attract a divine energetic primordial soul match--a twin star soul of love and life, and your divine soul desires by joining a membership program here at Janel Soul TV, with Jah Crystal.

So, if you can't schedule a call then click below to begin a free session by email.

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