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There's A Science to Divine Soul Love Attraction...

Hi Beautiful,


Let me share something with you:


Most persons don’t have the prerequisite of vocabulary* needed within their conscious mindset for divine soul love attraction.

You are here because you are a divine awakened soul and you have the vocabulary* needed to comprehend. You want to attract the divine twin star soul love and your divine soul desires.


I'm going to help you learn how to rise above the common mindset, detox your love life, stop hook-ups and expand your aura field beyond a spiritual mindset for you to level up into a divine soul source existence so you can attract the divine twin star soul love and your divine soul desires with ease.

My steps to success:

  1. Application Review

  2. 1:1 Relationship Analysis

  3. Site Membership Profile

  4. Relationship Coaching

  5. Divine Dating Support

  6. Classes and Support

  7. Divine Match Support


Isn't it about time you allowed the source energy of your existence bless your love life? Break the curse! This is P. S. Love Magic created just for you!!! Sign up today.

Pleasure & Purpose,

Jah Crystal


Voca (Vox): speak from breath

bulum n (genitive -bulī); second declension. Noun suffix denoting instrument. Noun suffix denoting vessel or place.

Your Divine Synergy to Attract

Divine Match Synergy Circle.png

It's An Occult Science of Divine Soul Source Energy


Cleanse Your Aura Field

Cleanse your past love synergy that has dampened your aura field so you can heal and expand your divine aura expression; and align your needs to your wants creating soul desires for igniting your virtue of light within.


Correct Mistakes in Love

Correct your mistakes in your past and current relationships to transmute your energy field from unwanted vibrations created that has been dampening your aura field from divine elevation.


Heal Relationship Issues

Heal your toxic relationship issues so you can attract a divine twin star soul love and your divine soul desires from your glory of life and avoid attracting an opposite match from your pain of life.

About Us Section

P. S. Love Magic

P. S. Love Magic, Institute of Divine Dating, Matchmaking, and Relationships (IDDMR) is your one and only organization certified by Ancestors of Love and Angels of Love with primordial soul knowledge to elevate and liberate your blessed and beautiful divine primordial soul for a blessed and divine union in love. While many counselors, coaches, and matchmakers are certified through Anglo-Saxon and Persian standards, you must understand these modern standards (religious and non-religious) of relationships and marriage were used (and still...) for the destruction of your families around the world, especially in America!

P. S. Love Magic, IDDMR is here to establish strong family bonds, spiritual values, and financial wealth spiritually and physically all in love!!!! This is the organization designed to help you purify your life so you can attract an elite and authentic divine soul love partner to fulfill your needs in a relationship for soul satisfying sex, mental validation, full support, complete intimacy, and honest communication with a true divine twin star soul love match!

The key to unlocking your magnetism and breaking down barriers that keep you separate from a divine primordial soul love who is a true divine twin star soul match to you within and beyond this world is right here inside P. S. Love Magic, IDDMR designed to detox your love life, founded by Jah Crystal, CEO!

Janel "Jah" Crystal is a divine medium matchmaker and can see beyond your physical profile, attributes, and persona into your divine soul source energy to help you heal your issues and align your energy field from your divine primordial soul so you can attract a divine primordial soul energetic match--a divine twin star soul of love and life!

Jah Crystal has developed a system to bring you into the divine bliss of love with prospects aligned to you, waiting for you--guaranteed when you do the healing and allow the transformation. Trust the process!

Plus, as a bonus,  you'll experience all the additional classes with Jah Crystal's unlimited knowledge in:

Join P. S. Love Magic to detox your love life and attract a divine soul love today.

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