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Loving Couple

Struggling to Meet
"The One"?

As a divine matchmaker and energy healer, I created a program to help you heal relationship issues within yourself so you can attract a divine soul union that you only dream of meeting here within this world and within this lifetime! So many people don't meet their divine soul love because without realizing it-- you may be attracting those who match your repressed pain!


The relationship feels so good in the beginning and then spirals into a toxic relationship needing counseling, work, compromise, 50/50, and constant emotional support from external psychological and religious entities.. And it's unfair!!! You have worked hard to accomplish your life goals to now be hindered by another failed relationship. Should YOU settle, just deal, and be stuck in a relationship where you are completely miserable???

You are worthy of meeting someone who is a divine energetic match of who you are from your soul in glory!!!

It's time to BREAK THE LOOP, you've been in all your life to heal, expand, and grow to attract your divine energetic match.

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Couple Meditating

Create Divine Soul Movements

Learn how to Transform your movements to reflect your thoughts and words in alignment with your soul love and soul desires.

Transmute Soul Karma Energy

Learn how to Correct, amend, and atone the vibrations created by mistakes in your past relationships.

Magnetize Soul Synergy Attraction

learn the operation of your dominant soul source energy to attract your soul love and soul desires.

Become Soul Source Truth

learn how to establish a divine and sacred virtue of self to create sacred boundaries that honor your presence and block degrading prospects at all times.

The Healing is Real!

Bare Skins

Break The Loop &
Match--Your Energy!

A divine relationship coaching and matchmaking program specifically created for you who seeks a spirit to match your spirit in a union.

  • Heal relationship issues to align your energy in source

  • Cleanse past lover energy to close your wounds

  • Correct relationship mistakes to break your cycles

  • Full self guided course available on your schedule

  • Establish a divine profile to represent your spirit

  • Workshops to teach you primordial love lessons  

  • Classes to improve your wellness for a sexy body

  • Herbal care to align your inner glow with outer glow

  • Divine matching sessions to practice your exploring

  • Private one to one sessions to speed your progress

  • Profile visibility controlled by you for your comfort

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Jah Crystal

"Spirits matching spirits; and souls matching souls-- that’s how I roll joining the divine masculine in honor with the divine femme to create life for power and wealth. My mission is to establish strong family bonds, values, and wealth spiritually and physically all in love!!!!


Although I'm extremely private and exclusive with helping clients, I'm pretty laid back and love to lounge like a fat cat every chance I get!  Check out my video to learn more."

Questions and Answers


How Does this Work?

  • A Divine Energy Matching Profile is established for you.

  • You'll have private sessions to align your energy

  • You'll participate in group sessions and live classes

  • You'll participate in discussions with like energies


How Do I Sign Up?

  • You'll begin with a simple application

  • You'll watch some introduction videos

  • You'll have an additional form to complete with more details

  • You'll officially sign up through a private link


What's Your Guarantee?

  • You have a 7 day free trial period

  • You may cancel your membership at anytime

  • You are guaranteed to notice results in 90 days or refund*

  • Once fee is fully paid after 12 months you are given a lifetime membership.

**Terms of agreement and privacy policy is required. Refunds are given minus all administrative costs listed.

About Us

About Us Section

Jah Crystal is your one and only divine matchmaker certified by the Ancestors with primordial soul knowledge to elevate and liberate your soul for a blessed union. While many matchmakers are certified through European standards, you also understand these standards (religious and non-religious) were used for the destruction of families around the world.

Jah Crystal is your only divine medium matchmaker you truly seek; Your one and only to help you attract a divine partner to fulfill your needs in a relationship for soul satisfying sex, mental validation, full support, complete intimacy, and honest communication!


The key to unlocking your "magnetism" and breaking down barriers that keep you separate from your divine soul love who is your true energetic match within and beyond this world is within the system "Match Your Energy" created by Jah Crystal!

As a divine medium matchmaker Jah Crystal can see beyond your physical profile, attributes, and persona into your soul source energy to help you to heal and align your energy within self to attract your divine soul love and life!

What you seek, Jah Crystal delivers within 12 months: you'll have prospects energetically aligned up to you, waiting for you-- guaranteed when you do the healing to "Break the Loop"!

Plus, as a bonus,  you'll experience all the additional classes with Jah Crystal's unlimited knowledge in: