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Janel Soul TV

Your Esoteric Guide to Primordial Soul Living!

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Gratitude for sharing!


Blessed Greetings!

I'm Janel "Jah" Crystal, primordial femme soul creator of the Terras, Suns, and Moons.

I bring unto you a unique methodology of occult energy medicine called "5 Energies of Skin©"; a secret formula I've created through source energy YHWH. This source energy healing system is designed to help you discover and understand the source causes of your skin and body issues, ailments, and diseases to elevate your mind, body, and soul for your highest state of existence.

This energy medicine can help you to heal your emotional pain, overcome your mental struggle, and liberate your inner resistance.


5 Energies of Skin©

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Do you want a better life free of the repetitive cycles of emotional pain, mental struggle, and inner resistance? Do you want a healthier body, beautiful skin, and live the life you love? This system keep you in a perpetual state of healing, change, and liberation creating your highest state of beauty, wellness, and life!


Are you ready to expand and grow?

Are you ready to become your highest state of existence?

As vast as the universe exist so is your blessed and beautiful primordial soul! Now you move in your power from within.

Seasons Greetings

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